Having decking in your garden is a great way to make it attractive. Aside from the beauty composite decking adds to your yard, it also provides a space for your outdoor activities. But what about garden owners with pets? We know that wood-plastic is good for us because we can dine and relax on our patio. If you use our decking, we will be extra careful not to damage the surface texture. But pets like dogs don’t know how to use decking properly. They can scratch, poo or urinate on wood plastic composite decking indiscriminately. So, is composite decking good for dogs? This write-up answers that question.

Composite Decking for Dog Owners

Garden owners that own a pet like a dog, you can still own a decking. Many garden owners have pets like dogs and cats, and they share their outdoor decking with these pets. But not all decking is made equal. Wood decking is common, and most of its owners also own pets. That is why most timber deck owners have reported scratch, poo stain and urine odour on their decking. Of course, to ensure that your decking is safe for outdoor activities, you have to clean the surface. Most wood decking owners have tried that when their pets pee or poo on it but soon find out that cleaning timber is not an easy task. To know how good composite decking is with dogs, let’s compare it with wood decking.

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Dog Claws with not Scratch Composite Decking Easily

Unlike humans that wear shoes or sandals when we move about, dogs walk without shoes. When we use our patio, we are mindful that we don’t drag our feet or do anything that can scratch the surface texture. Our canine friends are not like us. They are not aware of the nature of composite decking surface texture, neither are they aware that careful use of wood plastic composite decking will make it stay beautiful for long. Wood-plastic composite is long-lasting, yes, but it does not mean that garden owners should use it carelessly.

So, if you have a dog in your yard, your dog can scratch your deck. That is why installing a good decking like composite is the best option for garden owners. Wood-plastic composite has a plastic-coated surface that prevents scratch and makes the colour last longer. Scratch can occur when your dogs play on your decking by dragging their claws on the surface texture. If dogs drag their claws on wood decking surface texture, it will draw lines and make it less attractive. But capped composite will not scratch easily because of the plastic protection on its surface. Also, it would help to teach your dog not to use their claws to scratch your deck.

Composite Decking Will Handle Dog Poo

Dogs poo regularly. So do we. So if you have a dog and a decking in your garden, you should expect your canine friend to poo on it. If your dog has not pooed on your deck yet, it will, one day. But how does composite decking handle dog poo? Let’s consider wood decking first. When you dog poo on your wood decking surface, the poo will stick to the surface. When this befalls, it will be difficult for garden owners to clean the poo. A good scrubbing of the wood decking surface will finally remove the dog pool.

Wood decking surface can absorb things, and if your dog poo is watery, it can absorb part of the water. Composite decking handles dog poo well. The plastic coating makes the droppings stay on the surface without entering the boards. When your dog defecates on your wood-plastic decking, you can easily clean it with a brush. The risk of mould growing on your decking is minimal with composite if you clean the poo immediately.

Dog Urine Will Not Form Odour on Composite Decking

Dogs urinate daily, making it hard for wood decking owners to clean urine from their deck surface. Since timber has a porous decking surface texture, it will not be easy to get urine off wood decking completely. Aside from that, your decking can develop odour and prevent you from using it. Composite decking protective shell of plastic covering prevents urine from entering its surface and makes it easy for garden owners to wash it.


Is composite decking good for dogs? Yes, garden owners with dogs can install wood-plastic composite and be assured that it will not scratch, develop odour as a result of urine and get stains because of dog poo. Homeowners should ensure that they regularly clean their wood-plastic decking surface when they have dogs.

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