The question is worth asking because wood is becoming more popular. Wood was the only decking material available in the past. There are many advantages to using a composite deck for a project. The write-up explains why wood is better. 

What is the difference between wood and plastic composite?

The makeup of the material is made of wood and plastic. The wood and plastic are mixed with a bonding agent to make a strong product. This means that the material is synthetic. Wood is a different type of deck. It is a natural material that can be used to build a deck. Chemicals treat the wood to be strong and resistant to nature. It’s better than timber for a lot of reasons. One reason it’s better than wood is that it’s more durable.

The synthetic material will not get damaged easily. How the makers of the material make it is the reason for this. Weather elements or insects can place pressure on your deck. When this means that it will survive high foot traffic, it will survive changing temperatures. It will remain strong because you can use it for up to 25 years. It is better than wood to resist rain, Snow, and Fluctuating temperatures.

Is a composite wooden deck better than wood?

Wood fiber is important for the health of the wood deck. They cannot eat plastic, and that’s why they use synthetic materials. The plastic-coated surface of the deck makes it impervious to rain or humidity. It will not swell and rot when you install it in your outdoor space. If you live in a snow region, you can install a new deck. The temperature won’t make the deck warp or break. It is easy to clean, which is one of the reasons it is better than wood. With simple tools and less cash, you can maintain it. The maintenance process requires less effort. You don’t have to sand, seal, stain, or paint when installing WPC. You don’t have to go through the laborious process of removing mold from the surface of your deck.

How can I keep it clean?

You should sweep the top with a broom or use a light fabric to clean it. The top of your deck can be sprayed with a water hose to remove mud. It is not easy to maintain a wood deck. Sand wood deck to get it ready for painting or staining. One of the reasons it’s better than wood is the surface texture. 

There is a lot of surface color and surface texture. You can install dark-colored boards if you want a black deck. You can choose between gray, brown, and oak decking colors that match your taste. A variety of colors can be found in the composite deck. This means that the surface of your deck won’t fade quickly like timber and that it won’t scratch easily. Wood is less attractive than the other materials. 

The homeowners that use wood are fond of the traditional wood appearance. The texture of the wood grain makes it look like wood. It adds a contemporary look to your outdoor space. All ramification shows that a composite deck is better than a wood deck. If you are planning an outdoor project, you should use a durable material. 


There is a question about why the deck is better than wood. It is easy to maintain, so it is better than wood. It is strong and has a good surface texture.

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