There are a lot of materials in the market that you can use to build a deck. Wood is one of those materials. The other one is made of wood. There is more than one type of plastic or vinyl deck. There are different prices for these materials. 

What are the costs of the different boards?

We will look at the various decking one after the other. We will not consider the material composition of wood at this point because we will consider it in another direction. There are two types of wood. hardwood and softwood. 

Hardwood board and softwood board 

The cost of hardwood board is more than the cost of softwood board. You can get a wood deck for 16 or 3.33 per M, depending on the size. A bigger size will cost more. The prices of the board are based on the type of material. It is more durable and strong than wood. The price of wood deck boards is the same as that of composite deck boards. The price is affected by the size of the boards.

The boards are made of wood. The cost for a 4000mm board is 24.50. The cost of our essential collections is 19.99. The bigger the board, the more expensive it is. The material that you can use to build a deck is vinyl. There is a difference in the price of vinyl and wood deck boards. You can get a vinyl deck for a low price. The price is affected by the size of the vinyl deck boards. The vinyl deck boards will be more expensive if they are large. 

Comparison of wood and deck

We have just made a price comparison and it shows that the cost of a composite deck is more expensive than other types. This doesn’t stop homeowners from using the material. We will look at the benefits of the materials and why they are preferred by homeowners. The benefits of wood are plentiful. Wood doesn’t have many benefits. 

Wood will not stand up to an insect attack. This causes the wood to be eaten by the termites. There are insects in the wood deck maintenance process. You have to keep your wood deck clean. You have to sand your wood deck before the regular cleaning. 

There is a requirement for painting or staining wood. If you want to paint or stain, you need a smooth surface. The process of sanding a wood deck is difficult. You have to sand the surface of the deck. That’s the reason why people are changing to a better alternative. 

Alternative decking to wood 

The better alternative to wood is a deck made of plastic. Wood and plastic are used to make this material. It is better than wood since it does not contain 100% wood. The deck is resistant to insects. When you install a deck in your yard, insects will not destroy it. The plastic part of the deck is the reason for this. Plastic cannot be destroyed by insects. 

Keep your deck clean 

You can take care of it on your own. You have to clean your deck with a broom or cloth. So, You can remove a stain by brushing it. 

Wood and vinyl decks

Wood and vinyl decks are not as appealing as composite decks. There are grey, brown, oak, anthracite grey, light-coloured and dark-coloured decking boards in our collection. The pigment of our deck is timeless, that’s a good thing.

Benefits of vinyl decks

The surface of the deck will last for a long time. The same benefits can be found in vinyl deck boards. The colour or surface texture is the only difference between the two. The surface texture of the boards can be made to look like timber. The vinyl deck boards can’t. Homeowners love the traditional wood look because they have always wanted a decking that will replace wood and still look like wood. That’s the reason wood is seen as an alternative. 


What are the prices of the different boards? The most expensive board is the one made of plastic. The two other types of the deck are more expensive because they have more benefits.

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