You might have leftovers after installing a deck in your garden. It is always a good idea to purchase enough boards. It will be a shame to throw the boards away. Throwing the spare boards away is not an option for homeowners who have chosen wood plastic.

Use of leftover boards

Some people have found a new use for their leftover decking by converting it to other garden structures. I don’t know what to do with the leftover boards. There are many options for homeowners to use their leftover boards. If you discover that you have some leftover deck boards, you can use them. 

Make other garden material 

You can use the leftover boards to make other garden materials instead of throwing them away. If you build a structure with the leftover board, it will have an attractive surface texture. It is possible to make your garden look beautiful by using the remaining wood plastic deck boards. 

There are alot of things that you can make using leftovers. The garden benches are one of them. The planter is a garden structure. There are birdhouses and garden shade. 

Garden benches and Table 

Garden benches are useful because they allow you to rest in your garden without having to stand for long periods of time. You may place your garden benches wherever on your lawn if you want the shade of a tree on one side of your house. Garden seats can be built in the shade that homeowners have produced in their yard. They will be protected from the sun by the shade. It’s important to know what kind of material homeowners utilized to build their benches. Wood is the most typical material used to construct a bench.

The timber bench was exposed to the elements when fixed in the open. If you install timber benches in your garden, they will attack you. You can use the best material to build your benches. You should use your leftover deck to make a garden bench. The attributes of the wood plastic deck will transfer to your bench. The benches will also last long.Because of the material you use to build it, the surface of your bench will be appealing. Your remaining boards are the greatest material to utilize if you want to add a table and other furniture to the top of your deck. The table is built of non-rotting materials that will not split like a timber table.

Garden shed 

A garden shed is a modest structure in your yard that you may use to store items. Homeowners use garden sheds to organize their garden. You can put tools in your shed instead of leaving them around. It is possible to make your shed out of the right materials. Part of your leftover boards can be used to build a garden shed. This will improve the strength of the shed. Your shed won’t break.The beautiful colors of your boards will make your shed attractive. 


Homeowners can use their leftover decking boards to make planters. When you place planters on your deck, they will look good. The planters will resist the elements of nature. When you water the plants every day, the wood planters will rot. Water won’t make it into the surface because of the capped surface texture. 


One way to be creative is to build a bird box with your leftover deck. A wood plastic deck board cage can enhance the beauty of your landscape.


What should I do with the boards that are left over? You can use your leftover wood-plastic boards to build benches, tables, birdcages and planters.

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