Your home needs an outdoor flooring project. It adds beauty to your outdoor space and gives you extra space to carry out your activities. Selecting the right outdoor flooring material is important. You can choose from several materials in the market. You can choose between wood or plastic. There is more than one type of decking. It is difficult for homeowners to choose the right outdoor flooring materials for their project because of the variety. Which is better, wood or composite?. We have come up with a way for you to better understand wood. When choosing a durable outdoor flooring material, this will help you make the right decision.

Attributes of Good flooring

Let’s consider the attributes of good flooring material and see how composite and wood decking fair.


Maintenance is the process of taking care of your outdoor flooring so that it will last a long time. And, maintenance is needed for the wood deck and composite deck. The way you maintain them is different. Considering maintenance will give you a clue as to which is better. Before moving to a new type of deck, we need to consider wood deck maintenance. Maintenance for wood or wooden deck is extensive. If you want your wood deck to last longer, you need to sand, seal, stain, or paint it. The problem with wood is here. 

When you install wood, it will cost you more. You will have to pay for the paint or stain that you will use to maintain your wood deck. Wood deck maintenance requires a lot of time. You have to keep painting until you are tired. You will have to pay a painter if you don’t want to do the painting yourself. There is no need for special maintenance like wood deck maintenance. You don’t need to stain or paint your deck to make it last longer. If you want to keep your deck clean, you have to use a soft brush or cloth. There is no need to spend money or time on plastic wood deck maintenance. 

Aesthetic value

The aesthetic value of a flooring material is related to how beautiful it looks. Considering which looks better between wood and composite can help you make the right decision. The aesthetic value of the wood deck is traditional. If you don’t know the traditional wood look, look for a piece of timber and observe the colour. The traditional wood look is depicted here. If you don’t want your house to look like that, you have to paint it. The painting requires money.

You will have to repaint it when the paint fades. There is a large variety of colour that you can choose from and it does not require painting. Our inventory includes grey, brown, red, dark brown, dark grey, and oak. The colour of the deck will last longer than wood paint. Although it will lose a little so that it will adapt to the environment, it will stay beautiful for a long time. You can mix the boards when installing them. This will give you an outdoor space. The ability for a flooring material to last longer is called Durability.

Which is better, wood or timber?

The composition of the wood deck is 100% wood fibre. The problem with wood is that it won’t last long. Wood is less durable with time. Wood will be attacked by insects when it becomes less durable. It will absorb water and swell. If the wood dries, it will shrink or warp. Wood and plastic are in equal amounts. The material composition of wood plastic makes it strong. If you install it correctly, it won’t lose its strength. The material won’t warp or shrink because it won’t absorb water and swell. 


Which is better, wood or composite? When purchasing a durable outdoor flooring material, you can tell which material is better by the write-up we have compiled for you.

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