If you want to build a deck in your home, you should use a durable material. When you go to the market, there are some decking options to choose from. You can use a variety of materials. Wood and composite are the most common types of deck. Wood was used for outdoor projects for a long time. The new type replaces the old type of deck. That is wood plastic composite. Which one is more durable?. The article will look at both types.

Wood deck

Wood is the first piece of deck material. Homeowners have used wood for decades. A product of timber or wood is a wood deck. How wood is made is very simple. Makers of wood can cut a tree into shapes. 

Durability of Wood deck

The wood will be treated with chemicals to make it strong and durable. There is no need for chemicals if the wood is hardwood. The wood deck is ready. The wood deck is durable and will resist external pressure perfectly. The external pressure that affects a deck is temperature, humidity, rain, snow, insects, and humans. The more resistant a material is to external pressures, the longer it will last. Wood is not as durable as other materials. Wood will not be able to overcome external pressure. The rain or humidity is an example of external pressure that wood will not resist.

 When timber swells, it absorbs water from the environment. The wood will shrink or warp if it is not dried on time. Wood doesn’t do well when it comes to resisting insect attacks. This means it will be attacked when you build your deck with wood.

Composite Deck

Wood doesn’t last as long as composite decking because of all this. When you build your deck with wood, you will use it for 15 years. If you think of more durability, you should think about composite decking. The composite deck is a mixture of wood and plastic. It does not need chemicals. Being a synthetic material is more durable than wood, whether treated wood or hardwood. Even if you use it for a long time, it will still stay strong. You will use it for 25 years when you build your garden or lawn deck with it.

Durability of composite decking

Some homeowners consider it a long-term investment because of its resilience. It’s better to resist weather elements or insects than timber, and that’s why it’s more durable. If a deck comes in contact with excess water, it will absorb it. This prevents rot, splinter, warp, or break. If you are looking for a material that will resist wood-eating bugs, you should use a material made from wood.

The plastic coating on the surface prevents the wood part from being exposed. Plastic material is not good for insects. The other benefits of a deck made of wood are not the same as wood. When you compare it to wood, it’s easy to take care of it. You don’t have to paint, seal, sand, or stain it when you build your deck with WPC. To remove mud or stains, all you need to do is use a broom or a cloth. One advantage it has over timber is that it is pleasing. The surface of the deck won’t peel or fade. The plastic wood deck can stay shining for a long time. 


The conclusion is that the deck is more durable than wood. The pressure mother nature places on it makes it resistant to it. The WPC deck will repel the timber-eating bugs.   

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