Homeowners have always asked this question because they are worried that walking on their deck will scratch the surface and make it less attractive. Two of the most popular decking materials are wood and composite. Wood will scratch easily because of its painted surface texture. That’s the reason why homeowners are using it. 

What is composite deck

The material composition of the deck isn’t the same as wood. If you want to get a beautiful color from wood, you have to paint it. A synthetic flooring material made of wood fiber and plastic is called a Composite Deck. 

When making the boards, the makers of wood plastic gave them a rich color. The rich color of the surface makes it less likely to scratch. 

Scratch-resistant and scratch proof

There is a difference between scratch-resistant and scratch-proof. The surface texture of the deck won’t scratch easily. The deck’s surface texture is one of the reasons it won’t scratch easily. The surface texture of plastic wood is attractive. This means that your foot won’t scratch the surface when you walk on it.

How to get a thick surface 

The maker gives the plastic wood deck a thick surface coating during the manufacturing process. You can choose from brown, black, green, oak and anthracite. The color of the surface makes it less likely to be scratched.

Resistant to foot traffic

The surface texture of the deck is one reason it is resistant to foot traffic. Foot traffic is the number of times you and your family walk. It will have high foot traffic if you are the kind of person who spends most of your time outdoors and on your wood plastic composite deck. The foot traffic will be high if you party a lot outdoors.

The only surface texture of the wood is traditional wood. If you don’t like the look of old wood, you need to paint it with latex paint. The paint is not as resistant to foot traffic. It would be best to give your wood deck consistent painting every year. Since it is given a heavy surface colouration during manufacture, there is no need for latex paint.

How to prevent wood from scratch 

Wood-plastic is resistant to foot traffic and will not scratch easily. It is important to note that the surface of your deck is not scratch-proof. It doesn’t mean that your deck won’t scratch, but it does mean that it won’t scratch at all. If you don’t handle the surface of your deck, it will scratch. By dragging a heavy object on top of your deck, it will scratch. If you are a house owner and don’t want your deck to scratch, you should ensure that you don’t drag or slide objects like a table or chair on your deck surface.

If you want to put something on the top of your deck, you have to carry it and place it on the spot you want. Other advantages make it better than timber. 

It demands low maintenance 

One of the advantages of wood plastic is that you can take care of it without spending a lot of money. The reason for this is that wood plastic will not scratch easily. The surface paint on wood will fade quickly. It suggests that you should paint your wood deck. The deck’s surface won’t fade, so it doesn’t need paint. It’s less likely that you’ll spend a lot of cash maintaining your deck. It won’t scratch easily because of the improved surface texture or color. As a result of high foot traffic, timber will scratch and fade. Wood-plastic is resistant to scratches.

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