There is a lot of space underneath for animals like rats and raccoons to hide. If you have a garden. There is a chance that rats can hide under the elevated deck. Most homeowners want to know if their garden will become overrun with rats when installing composite decks.

Does the material of the deck attract rats?

The inquiry will be addressed in this write-up. Homeowners use this material to create extra outdoor space in their garden. You and your family will find a good spot to hold parties with the help of a composite deck. One way to make the garden look better is to build a deck. There will be flowers and fruit trees in your garden. Droppings will be left in your garden. There will be a lot of animals in this habitat. There are animals in your garden. Rats can be found in your garden whether you build a deck or not. 

Rats are hiding under the deck for several reasons.

Decking is a Source of food for rats 

Rats like to burrow so that they can get their food. You can find their food source in your garden or home. Whatever the case, rats must get to it and use any means to get there. Rats have a hard time moving from their food source to their hideout. This is where you can hide. Rats can hide under an elevated deck in your garden to get to their food source. They will use it in transit, but they won’t use it as their home. 

Food Sources in your home

Rats will hide under your deck to get to their food. You can feed your pet and birds in the garden. Rats prefer to hide from humans to get to their food source. They have a food source in your house. Rats can find food in your kitchen close to your garden. Rats can find food in a poorly locked store and close to a garden. They will be a problem if your elevated deck is close to your house. 

Rats are hiding under the deck in your garden. There might be fruit in your garden. Rats and other pests will not enter your kitchen to eat your food. Rats and other pests can be found in a garden. They can hide under the deck. They will use your deck as a hideout to destroy the fruits in your garden. Rats savage food when they move from one place to another. You might decide to feed your dogs in your garden if you have dogs and you let them in. 

Leftover of Dog food

Most homeowners put their dog food on top of their deck. There could be dropping if your dog is eating food. Rats can become a hideout if food droppings are under or on top of your deck. Rats can hide under your deck to access the food droppings if you feed birds. If you don’t have bird feeders, this can happen. 


Does a composite deck attract rats?”. Rats can use your deck as a hideout if they want to get to your food source. Pets can come over to eat your food if you feed them on your deck.

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