There are many things involved in building a deck. The first thing you have to do is use a durable material. You have to plan your deck. Preparing the area you will build your deck in is part of the planning process. How can you prepare the ground for your deck? There are two types of foundations. There is a flush or ground-level deck. The elevated deck foundation will allow you to raise your deck above the ground. The ground level or flush deck is on the grass or concrete. There are no spaces under this type of foundation. 

Ground preparation for decking

Tools and materials

The first thing to do when you want to build an elevated deck is to get the tools and materials you need. You will build your deck after you measure the area. Before you start getting all the materials that you need, you must have prepared the ground. This will allow you to know how many boards you will need. You will need to make sure that the area is leveled since you are building an elevated deck.

Add fabric 

Grass can grow under your deck if you don’t add fabric. You can move to the next step after the ground is balanced. The elevated deck needs to be raised a few inches above the ground. You will need long posts to lift your deck. You need to dig several holes to build your deck.

Cover holes 

After digging, you will cover the holes with cement and put the posts inside. You must make sure that the posts stay stable in the ground because they will serve as the foundation of your deck. When your posts are dry, you can attach the plank that will serve as the substructure to it. The posts should be connected by the planks. The joists can be added to the planks after fixing them.

Pre-drilling the joists

Pre-drilling the joists is recommended if you are using screws to fix it. The deck’s joists need to be aligned appropriately. After building the joists, you can arrange the boards on them. Start and intermediate clips are needed for this task. There is a 5mm gap between the boards. That is all for the elevated deck. The difference between a flush or ground-level deck and an elevated deck is that you don’t raise it above the ground.


The first thing you need to do when you want to install a ground-level deck is clear the area. You must level the area. If you want a straight deck. You will use a shovel. If you must fill the ground with earth, you will need a wheelbarrow. This will make sure the ground you install your deck on is prepared. You have to dig holes to fix the post. This is a ground-level deck, so you don’t have to use long posts. There are short posts for flush decks. Some people don’t use posts. They use cement blocks to support the frame. Attaching the frame to the posts is the essence of using them. The point is that the posts should be close to the ground. The frame can be attached. You should use clips or screws if you want to fix the composite boards. 


How do you prepare the ground? To prepare the ground, you need to clear it and remove debris.. Before you start building your deck, you should level the ground.

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