If you know how to install them, it’s not hard. The process of making beautiful decking boards can be done easily by the do-it-yourselfer. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to know about the installation process. There are some parts of the process that are not easy to understand. You have to do some calculations to install your deck. 

Method of installation 

If you have to cut the decks into size, you should be able to use a hammer and saw. So, If you are using the surface installation method, you should know how to use a drilling machine. If you are using the hidden fastening method, you need to know how to clip the deck to the joists. The installation of the deck will be easy if you have knowledge of these processes. The process of installing your deck is explained in this article. 

Building the frame 

One of the processes that requires a skill is building the frame or structure that you will lay your decks on. The installation of the decks will be easy if you understand the process. The process begins with measuring the length and breadth of the space that you will set the woods in for. Measure tape, chalk or anything else you can use to mark the site is what you will need here. 

Make a foundation 

You can dig after marking where you will put the foundation. If you mix mortar and place it in the hole you dug, the woods that serve as the foundation will be held firmly to the ground. The planks can be attached to the pillars when the mortar is dry. 

Attach joist 

The joist must be at least 16 inches apart. The plank must be laid straight to the wall of the house. It must be in line with your house. There is a process that requires skill. You have to arrange the deck in order to get the best result. It was mentioned in the preceding heading that you have to lay the joists so that they are in line with the house.


The deck will be laid parallel to the house if you do this. You can set the decks parallel to your house. You can fix the decks with clips and screws once you have laid them. Also, you need to know how to use a drilling machine and how to fix the clips. You have to know where to put the different types of clips. 

A starter clip should be used on the first deck, while a T-clip should be used to hold down the other decks. The decks can be cut beyond the place you want to put them. The decks might have to be cut so that they don’t extend beyond the frame. You need to be able to use a saw. All you have to do is mark the spot that you want to cut away and start hacking the deck with a saw. 

The wood that you will use as a pillar for the foundation might have to be cut. It requires some skill to cover the edge of your deck. If you use the picture frame method to cover the edges, you need to use the design when building the frame. You have to plan and structure the frame well. The outer board that you use to hide the edges above the deck must not be raised. It is important that dirt is swept away from the deck. 


How hard is it to install a deck? If you have installation knowledge, it’s not hard to install your deck. The tools that you will use to install the decks should be able to be used.

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