For some time now, homeowners have thought that they can’t build a deck on their concrete slab. The good news is that people can build frames on concrete. If you have an old concrete that needs to be replaced, you can build a new deck on it. The process is easy if you know the steps from the beginning to the end. Building a deck on concrete will be as easy as pie if you know what you’re doing.

Build a Decking Frame

The write-up explains how to build a frame on a concrete slab. 

Evaluate the concrete

Before you start building the deck frame on concrete, you should evaluate the concrete condition to know the extent of the damage. If you just want to cover cracks and craters, they won’t pose a threat to your deck. If the concrete is badly damaged with some part sunk below the surface, then you should consult our experts so that they can assess the condition for you. Before you put your frame on the concrete, make sure it is firm. 

What tools will I need?

If you want to install your frame yourself, you will need all the tools. You need a hammer, drilling machine, nails, screws, plank, measuring tapes, shovel, digger, and markers. If you have to, you need a hammer. You need a measuring tape so that you can mark the spots on your deck. The kind of plank that you want for your frame is one that is pressure treated with chemicals so that it will last a long time. Your plank will come in contact with water. Pre-drilling the plank is something that a drilling machine can do. We recommend that you don’t install the deck frame directly on the ground. If you put the joist on the ground, the water will touch them and they won’t last long. 

Install a joist 

It’s possible to install your joists on a sleeper system. The planks should be placed in the direction of the water. You can see the direction of the water flow by looking at the wall. To avoid running parallel to the wall, you should lay the planks so that they face it. Water will be able to flow from the wall into the frame. You can put the joists on it after installing the sleeper system. It is possible to use aluminum as the sleeper system.’

The reason that aluminum is better is because it won’t decay. The Joists are a set of planks that have been treated with chemicals. You will lay your deck boards on the plank. The joists and the sleeper system make up the deck frame. To install your joists, you should use screws and clips to hold them down.


Pre-drilling the wooden frames will prevent them from splitting. Once you have finished installing everything, you can connect the joists to another one. The next thing you should do is lay the deck boards on the floor. You should start from the side of the wall or edge. The first set of boards should be installed with starter clips. 

Install board with the clip 

You can install the boards with intermediate clips after that. The starter clips have hooks that allow them to hold down the boards, while the intermediate clips are shaped like T. You should leave at least a 5mm gap between the boards. This is for expansion and contraction. You can cover the edges of the boards after laying them. If you know how, you can install a deck frame on concrete. If you follow the steps outlined in this write-up, you will get the right result.

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