They can destroy your plants. When moving from their holes to their food source, they can use your deck as a hideout. There is no need to be afraid if you see rats under your deck. There are various ways to keep rats out of the house. Before you know how to keep rats out of your house, you must understand why rats hide. Rats can find food in the kitchen if you have a garden close to the store. 

Rats can take advantage of the dark spots under your deck to hide when they move to their food source. If you have an elevated deck, you can do this. If you have a dog that plays in your garden, you can feed it there. Food particles can fall under your deck if you feed your dog on it. Rats are attracted to food droppings. Birds can attract rats. If you don’t have bird feeders, this will happen. 

Build a fence to protect your compound from rats 

Rats and other rodents will camp under the droppings. It is easy to keep rats from hiding under the deck. To keep rats out of your garden, you have to protect it. If you notice rats under your deck, it’s a good idea to build a fence around it. It is best to use a durable fencing material when covering your property. Good fencing will protect your compound from rats and other rodents. Good fencing will keep rodents out of your compound. The space between the fencing panels should not be too large so that rats don’t pass through it. It would help if you build a privacy fence in your garden.

Where do rats hide their food?

A privacy fence will keep rats out of your garden. It’s important to keep food away from rats. When rats move from their holes to their food source, they use the deck hideout. If you want to stop rats from hiding under your deck, you need to keep them away from the food source. If your kitchen is their food source, you have to lock it. Rats can enter a food store in many different ways. Rats will look for food elsewhere if it is impossible to reach their food source.

Where do rats hide themself?

Rats cannot hide under a flush or ground level deck because they are close to the ground. Rats will hide under an elevated deck. Installation of iron nets around the base of your deck is the best thing to do. The nettop of the posts should be attached to raise the elevated deck above the ground. If rats try to bore holes into the strong net, it will be destroyed easily.

If you have birds, you have to use feeders to feed them if you don’t want rats hiding under your deck. Rats are attracted to feeding birds on top of your deck. There won’t be droppings if you have bird feeders. Feeding your dogs on top of your deck will bring rats to it. Plates are the best way to feed your dogs. If you want to keep rats out of your property, you have to build a fence. You have to keep your food source locked and use feeders to feed your birds.

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