If the concrete is old and needs replacement, you can install a new deck on it. It is possible to improve your yard without tearing it out if the concrete around your house has become an issue. Like other home structures, concrete can crack or tear. If you want to tear it out, you will have to spend a lot of money. A beautiful lawn is what homeowners want, and you can achieve that without tearing your concrete.

If you want to improve the appearance of your home, you should install a deck made of plastic. The best plastic deck on concrete comes in a variety of colors. If you want a specific design in your lawn, you can mix decks of different colors. Plastic and wood are used in the making of the decking. They will last longer than concrete, so you don’t have to worry. You can maintain your deck easily by sweeping the dirt off it. It is possible to make a place look better after you have installed the decks.

How do you put it on concrete? 

If you know how to install it, it’s easy. If you plan to install your own deck, follow these simple steps. 

Level the surface 

The first step is to prepare the space for the installation of the deck. If the concrete is not even, you should level it. You have to make sure that the water can run off easily. This will prevent the deck from absorbing water. 

Mark the spot 

You can mark the spots that will be used for the sleeper system. After marking the location that you will put your sleeper in, you can install it. The structure that you will put on the deck is called the sleeper system. It is made of planks that are arranged in a way that holds the deck to the ground. 

Install the system parallel 

You should install the system parallel to the house. The water coming from the side of the house will flow away if this is not done. The rain will stop if the sleeper system is not installed. Water can run under the sleeper if you put a spacer beneath it. Spacers prevent the system from rotting because they don’t let them come in contact with water. 


Make sure the screws that fix the sleeper system to the ground penetrate the concrete so that they stay in place. 

Join the system with joists tapes 

If you want your deck to be free of soaking water, you should seal the top of your system with joists tapes. You can arrange the decks on the joist after taping the surface. Also, you can install the decks from the side of the house. You can use screws or hidden screws to fix the deck. When installing decks in an open space, caps must be used. The plastic coating on the decks prevents mold from feeding on the organic materials. This will make sure that your deck lasts a long time. 

Install a Screw 

The screw installation method is simple and fast and involves driving down screws specially designed for composite decks down into the deck and then the joist. Hidden fasteners give you a clean finish because you won’t see the fastening when you use that method. 


If you know how to do things yourself, the process of installing a deck can be done in a day or two. The concrete is old and damaged, it is possible to install a deck on it. If you want to keep the look of your yard, you should consider replacing it with something else.

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