Maintaining your deck is important to make it last longer. There are some ways you can maintain the deck. You can clean the top of your deck with a broom. You can use a pressure washer to power wash your deck. Homeowners are wondering if it is safe to power wash their deck. The write-up explains if you can use a power washer. If you are a busy person, it can not be easy to maintain a deck. It will take a lot of time to sweep and clean your plastic wood deck with a cloth and water. If you have other things to do, this is true.

Using a power wash 

A power washer is an alternative to sweeping or cleaning with a cloth. The only thing you should do with a power washer sprays the top. When using a power washer, you don’t have to bend down to get closer to your deck. Mud and other sticky dirt can be removed with the power washer pressure. 

Time saver 

The process of spraying with a power washer will save time. The thought of using a power washer on your deck should alarm you. If you are not careful, the power washer can destroy something if you spray it on it.  The same applies to wood plastic. The pressure from the power washer’s nozzle can be hazardous to the plastic wood deck. The surface of your plastic deck can be affected by the speed at which the power washer releases water.

Will power wash damage the deck’s colors?

The attractive color of wood plastic will not fade quickly. This doesn’t mean that the high pressure of a power washer can’t peel the deck’s surface. Bringing the power washer too close to the surface will cause it to peel if you want to use a power washer on the deck. 

Can a power wash peel the deck surface?

A power washer can peel the deck surface so that you can use it on it. It’s good to use a power washer if you know the correct way to use it. You have to stick to the recommendation of the maker of the deck so that you don’t void the warranty. If you are using a power washer on your deck, you should not bring the nozzles too close to the surface.

Clean your deck with Spray water 

It would help if you used a wide jet to spray water on your deck. The jet is the same as the nozzle. You should look at the power washer’s edge if you don’t know where the nozzle is. The small space between the nozzle and the jet is where the water gushes out. 

Pressure of water 

The pressure of the water will be increased by using a small jet or nozzle. This can destroy the surface of your deck. The power washer’s pressure should not be more than 3100 psi. The pressure that will peel the top of your deck is more than 3100 psi. 

A pressure washer has a fan attachment. This will allow you to change the speed of the water. It would help if you kept the pressure washer nozzle at least 8″ from the surface of your plastic wood deck. This way, you will make sure that you finish the task of maintaining the plastic wood deck on time.

Is it safe to power wash the deck?

You can use a power washer on your deck if you know how to use it. The power washer nozzle should not be too close to the deck. The pressure should not be more than 3100.

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