Are you going to install wood plastic composite in your home? Are you wondering if you should use wood? You are in the right place if you respond yes to these inquiries. Is wood plastic composite decking better than timber? The first thing we need to do is define some wood plastic composite deck and timber. This kind of deck is also called a plastic deck.

What is wood plastic?

Wood dust and plastic make up the material composition of the deck. The materials should have been thrown away. Instead of throwing them away, they convert them into decking. It is possible to make a durable flooring material. Wood deck is the same as timber. Another word for wood is timber. The type of wood used is 100%. 

Types of wood. 

The hardwood and softwood deck are available. Softwood is a flooring material that its makers make from. Smilberry is found in timber like pine or spruce. The problem is that they are not strong. Chemicals must be used to treat the wood so that it will be firm. There is hardwood. Chemicals are not required because hardwood is stronger than softwood. It will last longer with hardwood than with softwood. 

The reason wood plastic is better than timber is due to the fact that both contain wood and plastic. It is not as durable as the other way around. With time, they will lose their strength. After you have used hardwood for a while, it will lose its strength. Unlike timber that requires a lot of maintenance, wood plastic is simple to maintain. 

All you have to do is clean it with a soft cloth. If you have light dirt, you can use a cloth to wipe the spot. You can use a soft brush to clean grease and oil. Put the water on the spot and scrub it gently.

What is the difference between wood deck maintenance and timber?

There is a type of cleaning that is required for a wood deck. You still have to sand, seal, stain or paint your wood to make it last longer. If you want to remove stains or dirt from your wood deck, you have to clean it with a soft brush and cloth. If you don’t do the sanding, seal and staining regularly, your deck will lose its strength. You can easily remove grease or oil stains.

This is a benefit of wood plastic. Wood doesn’t absorb much oil or grease. Oil won’t absorb much on your wood plastic deck. It’s easy to remove the oil stain with soapy water. If you’ve watched a movie about a deck, you’ll understand that it’s aesthetically pleasing. If you want to know why we described our deck as aesthetically pleasing, you should order a sample.

Variety of colours 

There are a variety of colours for the decking. The colors available are grey, anthracite grey, brown, dark brown, oak and dark oak. You can give your backyard a beautiful look with this colour variation. You can mix the boards of the deck with different colors. The colour of the deck won’t fade quickly like wood does. It will lose a small amount of color for a few weeks after you install it, but it will be stable for a long time. You don’t have to paint your deck. You have to paint it to make it look good. Wood is susceptible to insects and will get damaged quickly. 


When you install a deck in your backyard, it will not rot or warp. Plastic wood is better than timber because it is strong, beautiful and easy to maintain.

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