If you know how to install things, you can install your deck yourself. It’s a good idea to install your deck because it will save you money if you hire a handyperson.

Installation of Composite deck

The installation steps are straightforward, but it’s not an easy task. To install your deck, you must master all the steps and know the right tools and accessories. There are clips and fastenings associated with the deck. You can use clips to hold or hook the boards to the structure. Unlike screws, clips are not driven down into the boards.

Clips for Installation

There are two types of clips. The T-clips are shaped like the letter T. The starter clips are another type of clip. You will use starter clips to hold down the first set of boards. The starter clips look like L with a top that holds down the boards. The clips that hold down the boards aren’t clips at all. Instead of screws, you will use clips to attach or screw down the screws. 

After attaching the clips to the boards, you will need to use bolts to keep them in place. Depending on the size of the joists, the bolts come in different lengths. You will use clips and bolts with specific boards. 

Types of boards 

There are two types of boards. The boards are ungrooved. If you want to use clips and screws, you must purchase a deck. There are hollows or channels on both sides of the board. The boards will be held at these sides by clips. The side of the board that grooves are not the same as the grooves’. This means that you can’t install an ungrooved board with clips. If you want to use clips to install your deck, be sure to buy a grooved deck. You will need clips and screws to install your deck.

Joists or substructure

The first thing you will do is lay the joists’ boards or substructure. If the clips are a T-clip, you will put them between the two boards. Pressing the T-clip down will allow you to hold or screw it to the joists. You will repeat these steps until you are done. 

Advantages of clips and fasteners

There are a lot of advantages to clips and fasteners. You will get a smooth surface when you use clips and screws. This surface is not the same as a wood deck with nails or screws. Although you can cover the top of nails or screws with paint or stain, it is not a perfect solution because the surface will be irregular. This will make your deck look better. A safe surface that you can walk on is more important than a smooth surface. The wood is fastened with screws or nails.

When you use the boards for a long time, the nails or screws can come out. If this happens, you will fall if you walk on the deck because your feet or shoe can hook the nails. They stay at the side of the board, not at the top. The clips won’t stick out of the board top after you’ve used them for a long time.


Should I use clips and screws for my deck?. You can use clips and screws to install the boards. They give your deck a smooth surface, and clips make it safe to walk on.

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