Durability, low maintenance, high strength to weight ratio, and high aesthetic value are some of the advantages of the material. It is also known as wood-plastic. This material is made from wood and plastic. The wood-plastic board is sold as wood-plastic boards.

Advantages of the composite decking

The plastic boards were made from wood. The reasons will be considered when you look at the advantages and disadvantages. 


The boards are beautiful, which is one of the advantages of wood- plastic. The boards are finished in different colors. You can choose from a wide range of colors. There are grey, brown, red, oak, dark-oak, dark-brown, and dark-grey boards. The boards can be tailored to fit any environment. If you want a brown theme, you can install a brown composite deck along with the brown fence.

They look like wood.

It looks like wood because of the wood grain texture. It is possible for homeowners to purchase wood-plastic decks if they love wood. The boards of the deck are durable. Plastic-wood boards are strong. They have a high strength to weight ratio. This means that the boards are strong and lightweight at the same time. The weight of people standing on it can tolerate wood-plastic. You can hold a party on the deck. 


The fact that it is resistant to insect attack is one of the reasons it is durable. The insects can destroy wood, but they can’t destroy the boards. Also, The sun’s UV rays can be hard on the skin. The boards will not fade when exposed to sunlight. The colour is attractive and timeless. 

Low maintenance 

One of the reasons for the development of composite boards was the need for low maintenance. It takes a lot of time to maintain the wood deck. It takes a lot of things to make your wood deck last longer. Wood will not last if it is not maintained annually. You have to spend money to maintain your wood deck. You will waste time cleaning the deck. 

Cleaning of the deck

There are no requirements for sanding, oiling, seal, staining or painting. The plastic-wood deck needs to be swept. It’s a good idea to sweep your deck regularly. If there is a grease stain on your deck, you can use a soft brush. That is all you need. Wood-plastic will not absorb oil or grease. An extra layer of plastic makes the surface impenetrable. 

Disadvantages of the composite decking

Wood is not environment and weather resistant 

This stops the boards from getting wet. The stain on the deck is not permanent. The surface of wood is penetrable. There isn’t an extra layer of plastic that protects the surface of wood. It is resistant to weather elements. The sun’s UV rays can’t fade the boards’ colour.

Water cannot enter the deck. It’s possible to install composite in a location close to a pool.. When exposed to fluctuations in temperature, wood-plastic decks will not warp or break.. When the temperature changes, the wood deck will break. Wood-decking increases the value of your home. Your home piece will appreciate over time if you build a composite deck. When you want to sell the house, this will benefit you.


It’s a disadvantage that it’s expensive to build. It is not cost-effective to compare wood-plastic deck boards with wood.  It’s a set back for homeowners who are on a tight budget. Low maintenance, aesthetic value, and durability are some of the advantages of deck building. It is not cost effective and it is expensive to build.

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