There are several types of clips that you can use to hold your deck down. The method of the installation determines if you will use clips or not. 

Open fastening method

The open fastening method is one of the methods used to install the deck. The open fastening method leaves the screw or nailhead exposed to the surface. Homeowners preferred not to use the ways of covering the heads of the screws. They want a smooth surface. 

Hidden fastening method

The hidden fastening method involves placing clips and screws between the boards. When you have finished installing your deck, you should get a smooth surface. There is enough space between the decks to accommodate expansion and contraction. It is important because the hidden fastenings will make it easy for them when the deck expands. 

If it is a wooden deck, the surface fastening is limited and can cause the deck to snap. A combination of clip and screw is used with hidden fastenings. The clips will be used to hold the board in place. In the next section, you will learn about the different types of deck clips. There are two main types of deck clips. 

What are The starter clips and the T-clips?

The starter clips

They are made of steel and will hold the decks in place. The starter clips are formed in such a way that they can be screwed down while holding the decks firmly. You can use the starter clip to install your deck. All you have to do is position it and tighten it. You can do this after you have laid the frame. Setting the foundation and arranging the frame requires some skill, but you can do it yourself. The starter clip is used to secure the first set of boards. Also, the starter clips can be used to hold down the last deck. The starter clips should be placed at every 600mm on the first set of boards. 


The T-shaped clips are used to hold your deck boards. It is shaped like a letter T in order to hold down two decks at the same time. T-shaped clips are placed in between decks. You can put your screw through the T-clips. Different materials are used to make the T-clips. The space between your decks is determined by the width of the T-clips and the materials they are made of. Thinner vertical points are found in those that are made of stainless steel. The vertical point of the letter T has two parts. The horizontal part of the letter T rests on the vertical part. 

When describing T- clips, the vertical part is referred to. The vertical point of the starter clip will be larger if it is made of plastic. The 3mm wide T-clips are made of steel and the 6mm plastic T-clips are made of plastic. The space between the deck boards will be 3mm when you use the 3mm T-clips. The 6mm T-clips are the same. There are two types of deck clips in the market, the T-clips and the starter clips.

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