A good deck needs careful installation for it to look good and last a long time. Depending on the type of deck you purchase, the way you install it can be different. There are two kinds of installation options.

Right option for installation of composite decking

Depending on the type of wood plastic deck you purchase, you can install it with screws or bolts. Only clips and bolts are available to you when you purchase the decking. Which installation option is right for my deck? To know, read along. 

Hire professional 

If you hire a professional to build your deck, you don’t have to ask about the installation options. A deck designer will know how to install different types of deck boards. If you want an expert installation, you can ask your supplier. You should be able to find one of the suppliers that work with deck builders. You should be certain that you have the skills to install your own deck. 

Installation method 

The Durability is affected by how well you install it. The installation of the deck must be long-lasting. It won’t last long if you don’t follow best practices when building your deck. You can use little carpentry skills to build your deck. 

Follow the installation guide

Measure the boards if you want to build a deck. Homeowners should know how to cut wood plastic. Since you will need a hand drill, you should know how to use it. It’s important to use the best practice when installing wood plastic. 

Leave the appropriate space to build the joists. When building your deck, space the boards correctly. 

Use screws and clips

There are several ways to install a deck. There are two ways to make a beautiful deck. The screws can be used to fix the deck. Homeowners can use clips. You can use nails to install wood decks. The right thing to do is not to use nails on the deck. Depending on the boards you purchase, you can use clips or screws. There are different types of deck boards. The suppliers classified the deck based on its context. 

Ungrooved and grooved deck

There are two types of decking. There is an ungrooved deck. And, there is a trench at its sides. The clips and screws are used to hook the trenches of the board. The clips will not appear on the deck. There are no trenches at the sides of ungrooved boards. The side is straight. You need screws and not clips to install an ungrooved deck. There are screws on top of the wood plastic deck. 

Check your boards to see if you have purchased grooved ones. Installation accessories should be purchased if they are grooved. Installation of this kind of deck is done with clips and screws. The substructure that will serve as the base of your deck has to be built. 

Prepare the ground

Your carpentry skills will be useful here. The ground needs to be prepared to fix the posts. Put cement in the holes and let them dry. Attach the planks to the posts to build your frame. Start from one side using starter clips if you lay the plastic wood boards on the joists. 

Fix the joists

Use the intermediate clips to install the wood plastic boards. The process of using screws to build your deck is similar to clips until the stage where you will lay the boards. Predrill the boards before fixing them to the joists to install your ungrooved deck. 


Which option is right for my deck? If you purchase ungrooved boards, the installation option is available to you. clips and screws are required for ungrooved boards.

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