Flooring your garden with good material will not only create an outdoor space for you, but it will make your garden attractive. If you have a garden in your residence, you can choose to floor it with good composite decking material. Note that there are several decking materials, and not all of them are durable. This write-up answers the inquiry, what material should I use for my garden decking?

Types of Garden Composite Material

One material that you can use to deck your garden is wood. Another better material is composite decking. Aside from wood and composite decking, there is PVC or plastic decking. These three decking materials are widely used by homeowners and have features that make them unique. These features include durability, lifespan, aesthetic value, and easy maintenance.

Garden Composite Decking

Advantage of Using a Good Garden Decking

The advantage of using good garden decking are numerous. Besides creating an outdoor space for you and your family, it will transform your garden into a modern garden. A garden decking material like composite decking has a high aesthetic value that, when you install it, it will make your back garden attractive. Also, using composite decking, fencing and cladding in your garden will further enhance the garden’s beauty.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is one type of garden decking material that you can use in your garden. The advantage of decking is numerous. It ranges from durability to aesthetic value and easy maintenance. When you install composite decking in your garden, it will last for up to 25 years. This is because decking is a durable outdoor garden decking material that will resist the elements better than another decking.

If moisture or water touch composite decking, the decking will not absorb moisture. This will not make your composite decking to swell and rot. Aside from swelling and rotting, decking will not splinter or split when the temperature changes. This makes decking stand against the pressure mother nature placed on it better than other decking types.

Other benefits of composite decking are that you can maintain it effortlessly without spending much money. With a broom, you can sweep the surface of your decking to remove debris and dirt. With a cloth, you can wipe mud from the top of your wood plastic composite decking until it is clean.

Garden Decking Material

If you are skilled, you can use a power washer to spray the top of your decking to remove sticky dirt. Maintaining composite decking will not waste our cash because you don’t have to purchase paint, sealer or stain. When you use detergent to clean your composite decking, you can use the regular one and don’t have to purchase the special detergent.

Wood Decking

Wood or wood decking is another garden decking material that homeowners have been using for a long time. Timber is a natural material that is degradable if elements of mother nature place pressure on it. One advantage of wood decking, which is why some homeowners are using it, is that timber has an old wood look.

Homeowners love this traditional wood finish. But it will become a problem if you choose not to use the traditional wood look. In this case, you have to paint or stain your timber garden decking to change the colour. When you paint your wood decking, the colour or pigment will peel on time. This is why homeowners must paint their wood decking regularly to make it stay attractive.

Painting, sealing, or staining timber is expensive and time-consuming. Wood decking does not perform well when elements of mother nature act on it. It will swell, crack, split and splinter. That is why wood decking will only last for about 15 years, which is ten years below decking.

Plastic or PVC Decking

Plastic decking is similar to WPC decking because it contains plastic. But PVC does not contain wood-like wood plastic composite decking. Like composite decking, plastic decking has lots of advantages. You can maintain your PVC easily than wood decking. Aside from that, your PVC garden decking will last for about 20 years, which is five years longer than wood decking but five years shorter than decking. PVC is aesthetically pleasing and comes in a variety of colors.


What material should I use for my garden decking? There are plenty of materials you can use for your garden decking. One of them is decking which is a durable material that will last for about 25 years.

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