There are different types of decking available that you can get in the market. You can purchase wood decking and composite decking. Homeowners have been using wood decking for a long time before they develop composite decking. While some homeowners acknowledge that composite decking is better, others have the feeling that hardwood is the best. Which is better between hardwood decking and composite decking?

Hardwood Decking

This is a type of wood decking that a homeowner is using to build a house. Hardwood decking is stronger than normal wood decking. Note that there are two types of wood decking available in the market. Softwood decking is one type of wood decking, while hardwood decking is another type.

The former is soft, as the name implies, while the latter is hard. One thing about softwood decking is that they have to be treated with chemicals to make them strong. But hardwood does not need chemicals because it is strong naturally. Softwood will only be strong for some time before it loses its durability. That is when you build decking with softwood, it will last before it split or warp.

What about hardwood decking?

Unlike softwood, which needs chemicals, hardwood does need chemicals. Examples of hardwood decking are cedar and redwood. Cedar is a naturally strong wood fibre that will not break easily. This means that hardwood decking is naturally strong and will not get damaged easily. But what happens when you use hardwood decking for a long time? It will gradually lose its durability.

That is what will happen to hardwood. When you install your wood decking outdoors, you will expose it to the elements of weather. Rain and fluctuating temperature will act on your hardwood decking and destroy it. Aside from that, hardwood decking will be destroyed by termites if they come in contact with it.

Composite Decking

Another example of decking that you can use to floor your outdoor space is composite decking. This decking type is a durable decking material that will last longer than natural wood. It is a synthetic decking material that is made in a factory with recycled materials. The material composition of wood plastic composite decking is plastic and wood.

As a synthetic material, composite decking is stronger and better than hardwood or softwood decking. This is because wood plastic composite decking will last when you install it. It will not lose its durability gradually after you have installed it in your home. Plastic wood decking has a lot of advantages. One advantage of composite decking is that you can effortlessly maintain it.

Hardwood Decking & Composite Decking

To maintain your wood plastic composite composite, all you must do is use a cloth or sweep the top with a broom. After cleaning or sweeping your wood plastic composite composite, then you can rinse it with a hose. Another advantage of wood plastic composite composite is that it will not split or warp when you install it outdoors. What this implies is that wood plastic composite composite will resist the elements better than wood. Also, the wood plastic composite composite will not swell or rot because it will not absorb lots of moisture.

When you consider the aesthetic value of composite decking, you will understand that it is better than hardwood decking. If you are looking for aesthetically pleasing decking material, then you should consider composite decking. This is because wood plastic composite decking has lots of beautiful colors that you can select.

One example of a wood plastic composite decking color is grey. Another example of a composite decking color is oak. Others are anthracite grey, black and dark and light-colored decking boards. The advantage of composite decking color over hardwood is that it will not fade easily. This implies that your wood plastic composite composite color will last longer without losing lots of pigments.

Hardwood decking will lose much of its surface color to the sun. It is because the UV rays of the sun will destroy the paint or stain of hardwood. Aside from that, you can mix the color of hardwood decking. You can combine grey and black composite boards to achieve beautiful decking. These are ways in which composite decking is better than hardwood decking. If you are contemplating building a decking, you should consider using wood plastic composite decking for your outdoor project.


If you want to know which is better between hardwood decking and composite decking, the latter is better than the former. It is easy to maintain, and it is aesthetically pleasing.

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